On Chips, Nacho Cheese, and Reasons

I do a lot of thinking about math and sometimes I come up with neat ideas.

A few weeks ago I was eating chips and thinking about the relationship between chip size and nacho cheese (or any kind of dipping sauce for that matter). Because when you start eating chips the chips are huge, but as you keep going they break apart in the bag and get smaller and smaller. Similarly, the nacho cheese level in the jar goes down as you eat more. Eventually your hand starts getting covered in cheese as you’re scooping chips because of this.

Now a normal person would have poured the cheese into a different container to avoid this problem. I, however, contemplated the direct relationship between these two variables. If chip size was c and jar level is j then

c α j

I created this blog as a way to share some of my findings with people who also find profound mathematical insights when eating chips, and to inspire me to think more seriously about math in the real world. I’m pretty creative and I want to show math (recreational, applied, statistical, etc) that is relevant to daily life, thought provoking, and amusing. Dare I say it, I’m even trying to make math fun. Please enjoy.


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