On the Best Day of Your Life

Here’s an interesting thought. At some point during your life you will have the “best day ever”. A day where good luck and fortune explodes making your day the happiest one possible. Maybe it’s your wedding, birth of your children, winning the Air Guitar Championship, finding a $5 bill on the street, whatever. When can you expect this day to happen?

Let’s start with how long you can expect to live. Women in the US average about 81 years old, while men average 76 years. I’m going to stick with these averages, but this number varies quite a bit depending where the particular person lives (but women always seem to beat men). From here I made a table which shows the probability of having the best day of your life by certain ages. Since I’m 22, I can read this as there is about a 29% chance that I have already had the best day of my life. Conversely, the math for the worst day of your life would hold the same probabilities, but its more positive to think of it with your best day in mind. You can ignore the 100% for 80 year old men too, because that exceeded the average of 76 and affected the data. It is certainly possible for someone over 80 to have the best day of their life, but what a long time to wait for it. 

Age Women Men
1 1% 1%
5 6% 7%
15 19% 20%
18 22% 24%
21 26% 28%
30 37% 39%
40 49% 53%
50 62% 66%
60 74% 79%
70 86% 92%
80 99%




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