On Being Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Kid Flash in "Lightspeed"

Kid Flash in “Lightspeed” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Who is faster: Superman or the Flash? This question has been asked for almost 50 years. On what hand, Superman has a reputation of being the absolute best hero. He’s the strongest, the fastest, the all around perfect good guy. But all Flash does is run. That’s his thing. If he’s not the fastest runner then he really does not bring anything new to the table at the Justice League meetings. He himself admits that if Superman’s faster then he would be out of a job. Flash has a lot more at stake when these two heroes race.

The first race they had was back in 1967, and was organized for charity. However, super villain gamblers were sabotaging both players to try to collect their winnings. Flash and Superman fought them off and ended it in a tie so that nobody won. Disappointed of the outcome, these evil gamblers made them race again to settle it once and for all. Again they intentionally tied, upsetting everyone who wasted their time reading it.

A few equally disapointing races later and Superman starts admitting that the Flash is faster, but its never a very concrete or definitive victory much to everyones dismay. Superman uses the excuse that he can fly faster than he can run so he does not waste time running.

Below are some of the stats for the more popular superhero speedsters. The Flash easily wins, but the others are still extremely impressive to think about.


Originally his speed was nearly 100mph, but since his creation he’s gotten considerably faster. In outer space he can fly faster than the speed of light, but we’re concerned with his running speed. One source in the comics has him clocked at 2,000 miles per second. Which is 120,000 miles per minute. Or Mach 9350. This is considerably faster than a speeding bullet. How fast a speeding bullet is depends on the type of bullet, but can be up to a few thousand feet per second.

QUICKSILVER It’s worth talking about Quicksilver as well, even though he’s a Marvel character and would not have a chance to race the Flash or Superman. He’s a speedster and often an evil one. One of the more gruesome ways that he has killed a foe was to grab them and run so fast that the enemy broke apart on a molecular level. Which is pretty fast, but still not competition for Flash.

FLASH Flash does not just move faster than the speed of light, he can also think faster than that. I recently posted a picture from the comic which put it in perspective of just how fast he is. He can easily best Superman in a race, because on foot Superman cannot get up to those speeds. The Flash has the Speed Force at his disposal, which allows him to move incredibly fast, as high as ten times the speed of light. He can use this ability to travel through time, absorb knowledge such as by reading entire books in seconds, vibrate through walls, run across water, etc. Since mass increases as you approach the speed of light, Flash can dish out an “Infinite Mass Punch” to cripple foes.

How fast is 10 times the speed of light?

It’s about 3 billion meters per second.

Which is nearly 2 million miles per second.

Which is 120 million miles per minute.

And 7.2 billion miles per hour.

1.73 trillion miles in a day.

He can go around the Earth 75 times in one single second.


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